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WELCOME AND SIDES Sides-people perform a range of duties from helping to prepare the church for a service and welcome, to readings, collecting the offerings during the service. After the service receiving hymn books, inviting visitors to stay for coffee.

CHOIR If you would like to join the choir or find out more about it, do have a chat with Director of Music, John Talbot, at the end of a service or contact him through the admin office. Some people join the Choir just for the special festivals such as Easter and Christmas.

PRAYERS In addition to personal prayer, our parish church would have no vision to serve God in both the life of the church and the wider community, without ‘intercessory prayer’. Mostly that prayer is woven into the lives of parishioners. However, the Vicar is always pleased to receive offers to lead Prayers for both Family Worship and Parish Communion. Guidelines for intercessory prayer are provided.

FLOWER ARRANGERS Each church has a Flower Rota and the more the better! Before special festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest all the flower arrangers and others combine to make the two churches look beautiful.

COFFEE SERVERS To quote a long-serving Canon of Bristol Cathedral, “I’ve met more wonderful people while preparing coffee with them or serving them than any other of my formal duties!”

SOCIAL, HOSPITALITY, FUNDING RAISING It can mean anything from a helping hand or running a stall at the Christmas or Summer Fayre, and other events during the year, such as concerts, or Cinema Night, Lent Lunch, Tea Time Special, Wedding Couples Evening or hosting a Fund Raising Coffee Morning or other event for the Lent charity or Quiz Night.

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL (PCC) The United Parish of Abbots Leigh with Leigh Woods is served by a single PCC, which is usually chaired the Vicar or Lay Chair. The PCC also comprises Secretary, Treasurer, Church Wardens, representatives of the two churches and others such as Deanery Synod representatives. The PCC is responsible for the ‘Parish Share’ and via the DCCs (see below) the fabric of the churches and for Safeguarding. The various working groups in the parish present reports at each of the four PCCs during the year.

DISTRICT CHURCH COUNCILS (DCCs) Each of the two churches nominates its DCC to care for the fabric of the church building and grounds. This also involves from time to time some fun’ raising social events. Over the years, each locality within the parish has been increasingly mutually supportive of any projects run at the ‘other end’.

VARIOUS WORKING GROUPS The Pastoral, Publicity, Admin, Worship & Ministry and Finance meet as needed. The Vicar and PCC are always pleased to discuss with parishioners offers to contribute towards these various key Working Groups.

GIVING At some point in the Christian ‘journey’ and in response to all that we receive, there is the practical challenge in deciding how and to what degree we may give back. So the blessing hopefully comes in both the giving and receiving which, in practical terms, is in part any of the above and also playing a part in meeting the costs of running the parish and its two church buildings. Most parishioners decide to give by Gift Aided monthly or annual standing order with gifts approximately between £10 and £25 per week.


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